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Welcome To our Lineup of Outstanding Programs

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  at Cafe Express in Uptown Park

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 Cafe Express In Uptown Park
1101 Uptown Park Blvd,
NW Corner of Hwy 610 & Post Oak Blvd)

Some of Our Outstanding Programs!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

SPEAKER: Tina Marie St Cyr
Tina Marie St Cyr is a Compelling & Popular Public Speaker and Success Coach with over 30 years of Successful Business Experience from startups to overseeing corporate teams to consulting in over 16 industries.  Tina Marie is best known for creating healthy companies where efficiency, synergy, and collaboration thrive.  Companies throughout the world have used her "Extraordinary Teams" playbook to create strong cultures, reduce expenses, and increase profits. Among her outstanding clients are Microsoft, NASA, Shell, Dynegy, UT Health, and Rice University. For more information regarding Tina Marie and her outstanding work,  please visit his website
by: Clicking Here

TOPIC:  Timely Tips to Assure Your Success in  the New Year!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

SPEAKERS: Ronald Thibodeaux & Chris Guidry
Ronald and Chris are Compelling Public Speakers that will help you grow your business using the latest innovative technologies. Chris is the creative owner of SEFRE Advertising Agency where he has expertise in many areas including being Certified in Google Analytics and Digital Sales. Ronald is an Award-Winning Business Advisor for DexYP (YP) a leading marketing solutions provider that is dedicated to helping America's local independent businesses and communities grow. Ronald shows his clients how YP provides the digital tools & sophistication that big businesses use but are built and designed so they can be easily utilized by local independent business owners.

TOPIC:  Advanced Internet Marketing that is Guaranteed to Propel Your Business!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018 

It's Our 29th Birthday!

SPEAKER:  Jim "Mattress Mack" McIngvale

Mack is our Annual Keynote Speaker and is one of the Nation's Outstanding Philanthropists, One of the Nation's Leading Entrepreneurs, a Compelling Author, and a Dynamic and Captivating Keynote Speaker who is the Owner and Founder of Gallery Furniture - America's Leading Made-in-America Furniture Store.

Mack lives everyday to the fullest and truly believes that "Work is the Road to Salvation".  Mack's talk will focus on his book, "Always Think Big!" For more information regarding Mack and his Phenomenal Enterprise please visit  his website by: Clicking Here!

TOPIC:  Always Think BIG! 

Tuesday, April 17, 2018 

SPEAKER:  Joe Frankie

Joe Frankie is a Compelling and Captivating Public Speaker, Prolific Author, Success Coach, and a West Point graduate who has spent 30 years as a successful warfighter and logistician who has, post military, used his military and logistics expertise in engineering, life sciences, technology, aviation, and environmental services to help assure the success of a wide range of leaders and companies from startups to Fortune 500 companies in both the public and private sectors.

Joe's talk is:  How to Supercharge Your Results on LinkedIn.  This timely talk will focus on Joe's new breakthrough book that he co-authored with Lori Ruff, "LinkedIn: The 5-Minute Drill for Executive Networking Success!" www.5-MinuteDrill.com  

For more information regarding Joe Frankie and his Outstanding Accomplishments please visit his LinkedIn Profile by:
Clicking Here!

TOPIC:  How to Supercharge Your Results on LinkedIn! 

Tuesday,  May 22, 2018

SPEAKER: Captain Red O'Laughlin (US Navy Retired)

Red O'Laughlin is an Impactful and Popular Public Speaker, Prolific Author, and a Wellness and Personal Growth Expert. Red has an Impressive Leadership background as a Navy Captain and a Senior Manager & Certified Quality and Reliability Engineer for many leading companies from Boeing to Halliburton and Dresser Industries. Red has trained thousands in military, academic, and corporate levels.  Red's talk will be focused on his Outstanding Book, "Longevity Secrets for Healthy Aging".  For more information regarding Red and to order his this terrific book, please visit his website
by: Clicking Here

TOPIC:  The Keys to Healthy Aging! 

Tuesday,  September 18, 2018

SPEAKER: Welcome Wilson Sr.

Welcome is a Phenomenal Leader who will be honoring us by presenting his captivating new book, "Always Welcome".  Mr. Wilson's talk will be focused on Five Impactful Keys to Assure Your Success by Avoiding His Mistakes!

Welcome Senior is one of Houston's Leading Out-of-the-Box Visionary Entrepreneurs, a Captivating and Popular Public Speaker, Chairman of the Welcome Group, and Former Chairman of the University of Houston System Board of Regents.  Welcome Wilson Sr. was the Driving Force behind the U of H's achieving the coveted Tier 1 Status which is estimated to fuel our economy by adding over 5000+ jobs, $129 Million in wages, $7.5 Million in additional state revenue, and $202 Million in local sales. Welcome will be autographing his books for us after his talk.  In the interim, if you wish to order a few books before  Sept 18th please visit www.amazon.com and put in Always Welcome. 

TOPIC:  Five Impactful Keys to Assure Your Success by Avoiding His Mistakes!


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